Building ICT Infrastructures

We offer simple solutions and pride ourselves on being that one IT company that actually does keep ‘it’ simple for its clients.

Provide The Right Solutions

At Smarttech you can trust us to provide the right solutions you need

Technical Account Manager

You’ll have access to a dedicated Technical Account Manager

Helpdesk technical support

You have your own Helpdesk technical support service exclusively offered to our clients


About us

In this fast pace world where everything beeps, blinks and connects, Information Technology (IT) is one of those industries which every single business relies so heavily upon yet, most people don’t understand it.

It’s the way we connect, operate, build systems. The ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach can be tempting until systems break down and you’re at risk of losing everything.

Our reason for being is simple.

We strive to create exceptional trust with whomever we encounter

3 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

We Talk About Your Business

1.) We talk about your business

Tell us what you do.

Your products and services and future plans. We at Smarttech familiarize ourselves with your business and core ideas.

2.) You get a list of improvements

Further on we at Smarttech take your business through a streamlined process and present to you an extremely refined product.

You get a list of improvements
We let the journey begin

3.) We let the journey begin

Once the grid is set we provide a detailed report on how your business will get enhanced in the future through Smarttech.


Server Solutions

At Smarttech, we understand how a dynamic IT infrastructure must comply with your business needs for it to yield the best results. Our team of highly trained engineers design and implement servers – the base of any IT infrastructure – that work for a client’s individual needs helping protect them today and grow tomorrow.

Cyberoam Installations

Cyberoam offers identity-based unified threat management (UTM) appliances, secure sockets layer virtual private networks (SSL VPN), remote access, endpoint security, and logging and reporting tools. Features include content filtering, firewall, load balancing, anti-virus, anti-spam, and many more

Website Designing

We design sites for all types of clients, from restaurants and car dealerships to government entities and e-commerce stores. However different the client may be, there is always one aspect that we do the same – design to fit the company’s character and needs.

Maintenance Contracts

Our proactive approach reduces helpdesk calls by identifying problems before they arise. A combination of accredited engineers and best-in-class management tools gives your business regular health checks that prevent minor issues turning into major disruption.

Accounting Package

Accounting packages take the headache out of small business accounting giving reports aiding in management decisions. At Smarttech, we can provide you with a fully-fledged financial and accounting package. We can suggest the right package & implement fully based on the client’s requirements

WiFi Setups

IT management are looking for wireless solutions that are easy to manage, configure and deploy, with tools that will allow them to intelligently identify the user, device and application with the ability to create, administer and enforce security policies. No matter the environment, Smarttech will help you navigate and guide you.

Cat6 & Fibre Networking

Does your network currently look like spaghetti junction? You need a network installation specialist. Whether your business is public, private or educational you can depend on Smarttech to deliver a complete professional package, including installation, testing, certification and ongoing maintenance.

Repair & Service

With qualified & experienced engineers, we 1st understand the problem from the client, then get to the root of the cause, enabling us give the right solution & advise towards the repairs. Having a proficient repair lab, we offer both repairs done in our lab, as well as onsite repairs if the client so wills.

Thin Client Systems

Thin client computing is known to simplify the desktop endpoints by reducing the client-side software footprint, setup and administration of individual desktops, thereby reducing costs for the company. With no hard drive, all applications and data are stored on a central server, & users still experience the same look and feel as on a PC.

Interactive Boards

Transform your learning spaces into interactive environments where students are both inspired and focused.

Very effective in office meetings as well, making your presentations more collaborative & effective.

We deal in various kinds. Call us to learn more

Corporate Antivirus

Protecting your business from a virus outbreak is harder than ever. You need products that protect all points of entry—e-mail gateways, Web browsers, file servers, and desktops—and offer centralized control for deploying, configuring, and updating.

Backup Solutions

Data is your organization’s most critical asset. Don’t wait till disaster strikes. Don’t risk losing your data. Safeguard your data with various backup solutions Smarttech can offer you, from server backups to workstation backups, we will design the right solution that will work for you best.

Why Choose Smarttech

Transferring from manual systems to computerized systems

Transferring from manual systems to computerized systems

Conversion of manual systems to automated computerized systems which will only enhance and speed up your daily operations from various aspects.

Maintaining, Supporting and Improving IT infrastructures of SMB Businesses

Whether you are small business or a medium one, your systems have to be maintained and need an upgrade from time to time. We can work out a timeline to make sure everything from your end runs smoothly.

Maintaining, Supporting and Improving IT infrastructures of SMB Businesses
Business Integrity and continuity solutions to large enterprises

Business Integrity and continuity solutions to large enterprises

To keep your business operating even if a crisis strikes, you need a comprehensive, end-to-end continuity plan. Whether you’re hit by a power failure, a pandemic, a cyber attack.
Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are key to data integrity. In other words, if you’re not prepared for the worst, that’s just what you might get.


Smarttech being the all in one ICT partner has a conducive setup for the latest brands in Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Accessories, Spares, Toners & Cartridges, Photocopy Papers, Smartphones, Tablets, Antivirus, Microsoft Software, Networking Items.

We believe in selling great products at apt prices.

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